Popo: From Launch to Legend

From Viral Sensation to Meme Icon — Join the #POPOARMY & Make History!

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Who is Popo?

"Popo: From Launch to Legend" captures Popo's rise from digital launch to meme icon. With secure tokens, a vibrant community, and strategic marketing, Popo aims to surpass Pepe and dominate the meme sphere.

Read the whitepaper to know the full story:

Popo at the laptop

Advantages of the $FROP token

The $FROP is a fully audited token with disclosed smart contract code, ensuring transparency and security for all users.

Multichain Meme token

$FROP is a multichain token utilizing different blockchains. Popo is amassing an army to support his righteous cause and bring down his treacherous rival Pepe.

Staking and returns

Popo always takes care of his own. The War Chest has been created to allow the members of The Popo Army to make a generous return on their investments and contributions.

Gaming Platform

Although Popo is focused on his vendetta, he too requires downtime. This is why Popo’s Gaming Lounge will be established and it will allow members of The Popo Army to play, participate in gaming tournaments, and of course earn bonuses and rewards.

Community-backed project

Popo aspires to be the peoples champion, he listens to and acts on the desires of the community. By making all important decisions together, members will be further unified towards a common cause while taking an active role in the project's direction.

Pepe’s Boogeyman

Although Pepe’s success made him think he’s untouchable, backed by a strong community Popo is gunning for his long-time rival and will usurp his status as a meme icon, to leave Pepe alone and forgotten, a relic of memes past.

Popo on a mattress

How to buy

Connect Your Wallet

Navigate to the top of this page and connect your preferred wallet using the presale widget. You'll find a variety of wallets to choose from.

Choose a Network

After connecting, you're ready to join the presale on one of several networks. $FROP is a multichain token.

Select Payment Currency

Choose the currency you want to use to purchase tokens. The available currencies will depend on your selected network.

Buy $FROP Tokens

Input the amount of tokens you want to exchange for $FROP and confirm the transaction through your wallet.


The $FROP has a total fixed total supply capped at 111,111,111,111 tokens. This supply will be allocated across various segments within the Popo ecosystem:

Presale: 25%

With big plans ahead, 25% of $FROP is available for early supporters who decide to join Popo’s army.

Staking: 25%

Popo wants to encourage believers to invest and hold $FROP while offering amazing returns, 25% of supply has been reserved for staking.

Marketing: 25%

Popo understands the importance of being known so 25% of the $FROP supply will be going to marketing, ensuring Popo’s Army keeps growing.

Rewards: 15%

Ps a token of appreciation and gratitude to all the members, 15% will be used for rewards and community airdrops.

Liquidity: 10%

To get $FROP to as many places as possible, Popo has reserved 10% of supply for CEX and DEX listings.

Happy Popo


Popo came up with a cunning plan

1: "Popo's Return"

- Website Launch.
- Token Contract Creation.
- Social Media Establishment.

2: "Popo's Call to Arms"

- Contract Audit.
- Plan Disclosure.
- Community Building.

3: "Popo's Preeminence"

- Presale Launch.
- Extensive Marketing.
- Staking Platform Release.

4: "Popo's Power Play"

- CEX Listing.
- $FROP Farm Game Launch.
- Popo Gaming Lounge.

5: "Popo's Triumph"

- Lunar Ascent: Aim for the Moon.
- Surpassing Pepe: Beyond MemeRivalries.
- Meme Domination: The Memetic Conquest.


Who is Popo?

Popo, a blue poison dart frog, seeks vengeance against Pepe for the destruction of their shared homeland, the motherground. Once a tribal warrior, Popo's resolve is fueled by Pepe's abandonment of their tribe in the face of peril. Left with nothing but a burning desire for retribution, Popo retreats into exile, determined to orchestrate Pepe's downfall and rallying allies to his cause.

Why buy $FROP?

If you missed Pepe, or you’d like to be a part of something legendary that may bring you huge returns. Popo is a better version of his cousin Pepe, emerging from many struggles and hardships, yet determined to make things right for his supporters and the motherground. Popo is here with the sole intention of taking over Pepe as the biggest frog coin, and to perhaps go even further with the backing of a loyal army.

How to buy $FROP?

You can buy $FROP using multiple currencies and blockchains, all you need to do is connect your wallet to the presale widget! Step By Step guides here: TrustWallet, Metamask, Card.

What is The War Chest?

The War Chest is a staking platform where you can stake your tokens in two pools. One pool offers bigger returns with a locked schedule, whereas the other allows you to withdraw your $FROP tokens at any time.

How do I join the Popo Army?

It's very simple! Join our social media to make new friends, have fun and take over the meme world with Popo!